it’s taken me an hour to write 100 words and one of the sentences is literally “this book has a lot of things to say” hahaha i hope im dead 😄🔫

i have to write a 5 page paper in Spanish this is so……………..discouraging

i didn’t get anything done today that i was supposed to BUT i bought a $100 pair of shoes so this has been the most successful day for me

going for a stream of consciousness thing here. say goodbye to relatability bc there it’s all gonna be looney tunes jokes and Ken burns from here on out

oh also I was privy to watching said roommate watch the threesome scene from house of cards for the first time and it was hugely satisfying. Pro tip: get friends into house of cards just so you can watch their reaction to that scene

waiting for my roommate to remember we agreed to order pizza tonight. say what u will abt college it tests your willpower